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Sexy Shu Qi gets banged and jizzed on

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

When Shu Qi became a part of the successful ad campaign for Flower by Kenzo, she wasn’t expecting more to come out of it as it was already one of the projects she knew would come out great. But she did get a bonus prize for this and it’s one that will give her pleasure each time she needs a quick fix from all the stress her career has been throwing her way. Some people get bored with foreplay and more so when it is a long one, but when one of Qi’s co-workers’ found out about her rare fetish, this dude grabbed the chance of giving her what she wanted, long sensual foreplay before a rough fuck.

Wild Shu Qi in stockings gets plowed and sprayed

Hooking up at unusual places like a ballet studio, where most people wouldn’t even suspect them of being at, was one of their favorite spots to go wild in. Qi dressed for the part, pretending to be a ballet dancer while her fuck buddy takes the role of her mentor, guiding her splits and stretches while caressing her gently, making Qi wet fast. Instead of a tutu, Qi likes wearing stockings as this makes her tingly each time she’s being touched and they can easily tear it apart when sex gets rough. Took them a few minutes of caressing and rubbing on each other’s bodies until Qi finally gives her horny lover a hot blowjob and she got her cunt played with too using this jock’s fingers and stiff tongue. When Qi can no longer contain her lust, she gets fucked rough on a soft and silky mattress, giving them both more reasons to enjoy the semi-romantic yet wild fuck action. Her own flower seemed to attract this man so much that he can’t help but plow it as deep as he can go, making Qi squirm and moan until she gets a load of his sticky jizz.

Shu Qi Show Her Pussy

Friday, August 6th, 2010

hot shu qi naked

Shu Qi is one hot motherfucking Asian chick! Yep, she’s Taiwanese and she’s proud of it! I mean, what’s not to be proud of? She’s a major star in the all of Asia, she has tremendous talent, and she’s packin’ quite a nice rack, if I say so myself. Plus she can do some mean martial arts moves like she did in those Hongkong action movies she starred in. Moreover, she’s got that whole exotic oriental thing going, and that can only boost anyone’s hotness level at least ten notches higher. Check out this hot Shu Qi gallery of naked photos by clicking on the link. Just look at her: a hot pair of bouncing tits and a firm ass that’s fun to squeeze and spank all in a well-toned body befitting her imense popularity. If only she showed her pussy so we can rest our cases and kneel before her in adoration.

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But wait, we can see her pussy! In fact, Shu Qi’s naked photos are the hottest craze in the internet right now! Oh yes, hot pics of Shu Qi showing her tits and pussy have been leaked and are circulating the internet like coke, or weed, or more apropriately- Chinese opium! She is really one hot fuck! With a pussy that looks so pink and so tight, I want to get her in bed, lick, finger, and fuck that fucking pussy like it was the last pussy on earth! Want to see the pics? You would be crazy if you passed up hot pics of Shu Qi showing her tits and pussy!

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If you want to see more naked photos of this exotic Asian goddess, check out the Shu Qi Gallery by clicking the link.